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Cyber Security - Protect Your Livelihood

Hosted by SterlingRisk and Presented by SilvermanAcampora LLP, ARC and HolistiCyber

Join us on Wednesday, November 8th at 8am in Woodbury, NY for a panel discussion on protecting yourself from Cyber Security breaches with hands on insight from industry experts.

There has been a significant increase in data breaches and cyber attacks over the past 10 years. Business can incur substantial internal costs and be held liable to third parties if personal identifiable information is released and there were too few safeguards in place.

Program Highlights:

  • Live presentation at our corporate headquarters.
  • Understand cyber security threats.
  • Identify employee created data breaches.
  • Identify how an employee can intentionally or unintentionally cause a data breach.
  • Understand what can be done to proactively guard against an employee created data breach.
  • Attendees will understand legal exposures for cyber breaches.
  • Attendees will understand what steps can be taken to insulate your business from exposure through insurance.

and complimentary breakfast available at 8:00 am.

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SterlingRisk is proud to host this FREE seminar for our clients and invited guests!

About SterlingRisk

SterlingRisk has been in business since 1932 and is the one of the largest privately owned and managed insurance brokerage firms in the U.S. Headquartered in Woodbury NY, SterlingRisk specializes in effectively reducing risks, and controlling losses and insurance costs for our clients. With over 200 skilled insurance professionals throughout our nine offices we offer:

  • Insurance risk transfer consulting
  • Complex claims consulting
  • Risk management services
  • Third-party claims administration
  • Employee Benefits
  • Contract analysis and legal cost cutting

About SilvermanAcampora LLP

SilvermanAcampora LLP is a full-service law firm, based in Jericho, NY (Long Island) serving the entire tristate (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey) region. Founded in 1999 by Kenneth Silverman and Anthony Acampora the firm quickly established itself as one of the premier law firms in New York state. Practice groups include; Corporate, Litigation, Employment & Labor, Real Estate, Government & Compliance, Corporate Restructuring & Bankruptcy.

About HolistiCyber

HolistiCyber is a US/Israeli cyber security consultancy firm. We bring years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Our certified experts are cyber security veterans of the intelligence branch of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They are world class experts who have served at the front-line of critical nation-state cybersecurity offensive and defensive operations. Our team of expert analysts are people who understand your internal IT staff; can extend their bandwidth; and can perform sophisticated, advanced nation-state level cyber security testing and assessments that your busy IT staff does not have the expertise, resources or time to perform. We have become the trusted cyber security advisor to leading organizations globally.